Black Thumb Garden Club Workbook

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“Gardening really is a community event. It's social, it's sharing, it's helping others and serving. All of that improves lives and communities and we all can use a whole lot more of it!”  - Kirsten, Club Member

Everyone can grow a garden.

This isn’t just a book, we are truly a club. We believe that in order to be successful, beginning gardeners need support and lots of it. Black Thumb Garden Club is dedicated to creating a community of families and individuals of all gardening abilities. We encourage members to find a friend to garden with and we offer a supportive online community.

The Black Thumb Garden Club Workbook takes you through the entire growing season, step by step, from planning to planting your garden, through garden maintenance, all the way to harvesting, cooking and preserving. We also go beyond vegetable gardening with bonus instructions covering the basics of composting, heirloom seeds, landscaping, and planting flowers, shrubs, and trees. Everything we’ve written is designed to prevent overwhelm and lead you to act.

Never tried before? Only tried and failed? Here, everyone’s a beginner.  We’re all learning... it’s okay to be clueless and no question is too basic.



This is your year to grow a garden!

Fresh fruits and vegetables really are within arms reach as you work through each chapter of this workbook. We’ve listened, a lot. We specifically address every concern we’ve ever heard and every question we’ve been asked. Anyone can pick up this book and grow a garden. What are you waiting for? Join the club!

"I am so excited to start my garden again and I feel like I am so much better prepared mentally more than any previous year."     - Brenda, Club Member


Online Community and Support

We know that a book isn’t always enough, and we really want you to succeed at gardening.

So make sure you join the club email newsletter pronto! The content, support, and resources continue.

And when you want to ask a question or share your success, head over to the club Facebook group. A community for gardeners of ALL abilities! Come join us!

Everyone learns from each other in an atmosphere of “literally no question is too small”. We have a lot of fun!

Trust our process, trust your process.

We do our best to present the simplest, no-frills methods that really do work and can be modified to your heart’s content.

You can trust our process. The BTGC Workbook isn’t watered down, we won’t talk down to you. We know you’re smart, you just don’t know a thing about gardening. There’s a difference!

You can trust your process too. After really grasping the basics, you’ll have the foundation to get creative and find your unique gardening style.

Own your unique style! #Iamthiskindofgardener


DIY Club Meetings

After reading each chapter, we want you can get together with your gardening friends in real life.

We make it easy to get together, learn together, work together, try something new, and have a good time, with multiple activity ideas relating to each chapter.

Think of these club meetings like a book club or a support group, centered around the workbook and growing your own gardens.